Friday, December 30, 2011

Doggie Art

Our son and his wife have two beagles.

Their dining room had a long, empty wall that needed some kind of art or decoration. Since they are both creative and like to think outside the box, they bought three canvases, painted them black, blending to mocha, blending to latte (we drink a lot of coffee in this house).

Their idea was to dip the puppies' feet in the paint and have them walk across the canvases.

But, after one race around the family room rug with painted puppy paws, they moved the project outside, dipped the feet and held them to dab the paw prints on to the canvas.

Add a few swirls. Doggie art.

Our granddaughter thought they looked like snowflakes. My first impression was flowers, like spring blossoms on a fruit tree. Granddad thought the swirls were like wagging puppy tails. A happy decoration for their dining room.

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