Friday, November 1, 2013

Mini Mini

In a post last summer I mentioned my attempt to grow mini pumpkins and mini sweet peppers with seeds saved from ones I bought at the store the year before. I didn't know if because of hybridization and all the messing with plants that is done now, if I would see any production from them.

One mini pumpkin and one teeny little pepper. Hardly worth the effort, except for the fun of the experiment. We had a frost earlier this month. I left the mini pumpkin out, hoping the warm weather after the frost would encourage one last really big growth spurt. The plant withered, no more growth. With more frosts threatened, I brought the little guy inside. In an era when big is better, my pumpkin would not win any state fair prizes. Kind of cute, though, like a miniature for a fairy garden.

Perhaps Ichabod Crane would wish that this little pumpkin was hurled at his cranium rather than the head-sized one he encountered on that dark night in Sleepy Hollow?

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how sweet your pip-squeak pumpkin is. You made me chuckle for the first time today. Thank-you. Being as I like dolls - and antique ones - my first thought was that the mini, mini would be just the right size to fit in the hands of my Helen.