Monday, January 14, 2013

Do You Feel Like You Are Pulling This Wagonload?

January, a quiet month, few words, a photo each day.
Photo source: an old post card, Frances and Mary Allen, Deerfield, Massachusetts, c. 1900


  1. Did people really live this way? They must have. Someone told me how it was. Ten years ago I was talking with an old man in our church in Maine. I loved hearing him when he talked about the olden days in the 1930s when it took 12 days to hay the same field that today is hayed in two hours. He has passed on but it was a treat to know him.
    This wagon of hay looks just like the one in "The Canterbury Tales" filmed in England during WWII.
    Karen A.

    1. Yes, I think that is why I have kept this postcard for so many years - when I feel overwhelmed or burdened, I look at this and my perspective changes. Drastically. We really do have it easy compared to this!