Friday, January 25, 2013

Again, Again, and Again...

Five Minute Friday

Today's Five Minute Friday, brought to you by LisaJo Baker, with the prompt word, Again. She inspires a passel of us to write for five minutes, putting ideas to words and fingers to the keyboard.

I stand at the kitchen sink, the coffee dripping into my mug, gazing out through the bare tree branches toward the east. The sky, a dim gray, lightens in the few moments I stand there. The line of gray changes to light blue, then a dusty pink, and a yellow spot glows like someone lit a smokeless fire.

Another chance. A fresh start. A new day. A gift each morning as the light chases away the dark. Looking at the word, "again," I see two words. A Gain. Each new day is a chance, again and again and again, to gain. Not a materialistic gain, but a deep sense of peace and trust. A chance to love. An opportunity to say grace. A day, again, one more day, to live with a quiet heart. Again.


  1. Maureen, this screams beauty and a heart overflowing with appreciation for new days, new mercies and gratitude. I too have looked at these skies of His lately and thought, now GOd you are just showing off. The way He does it the way he creates beauty will always make my jaw drop, again and again. Lovely write.

  2. "A gain" - thank you for a new and positive perspective on that word.