Sunday, January 18, 2015

Touched by Scenes of Wonder

Have you read the Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S.Lewis? Highly recommended.

This morning, watching the sunrise, I thought of the lines from the first book, The Magician's Nephew. Polly and Digory (old Professor Kirk in the other stories) watch as the great lion, Aslan, sings the sky and the stars into being.

"The eastern sky changed from white to pink and pink to gold. The Voice rose and rose, till all the air was shaking with it. And just as it swelled to the mightiest and most glorious sound it had yet produced, the sun arose...You could imagine that it laughed for joy as it came up."

I am grateful for these moments of wonder, the glimpse of the spectacular.

A little later, here, the ordinary gray skies glowed, illuminated from the sun, hidden behind.

 In the story, there are three others watching with Polly and Digory. One becomes a king, one becomes the influence of evil in the new world, and one just goes back to his selfish, narrow-minded ways. Polly and Digory go on to other adventures, but mostly, on to many ordinary gray days in their ordinary homes and lives.

The ordinary days, touched by scenes of wonder, don't seem so ordinary after all, do they?


  1. Most mornings I have coffee and read in a second floor room with a great view of the sunrise. No matter the weather, the sunrise it beautiful and I cherish those moments. It's remembering the wonder of those moments throughout the day that I don't do so good at. I need to set reminders to remember the wonder :) Beautiful pictures!

    1. Brooke, I think the Lord gives us the glorious sunrises as a greeting, and an encouragement to pursue what is ahead that day. All is Well. Most mornings I am reluctant to let go of my quiet time to read and think and pray, to set aside the books and quiet and get to work. I confess to getting grumpy if the guys get up early and "interrupt my time." Which is, of course, quite wrong. I do love the sunrises - perhaps my favorite part of the day. A glimpse of the glory of creation - every day.