Sunday, March 23, 2014


Saturday morning I attended a waterwise gardening class. Thoughts of spring and planting and green danced in my head. I walked around the garden in the sunny afternoon noticing the tiny green plants beginning to revive and stretch toward the warmth of the sun.

Saturday night it snowed. Welcome spring. I realize we are not the only part of the country still under the icy grasp of winter. In order to absorb the moment and accept the quiet beauty of a snowy morning, I went out to take some photos. What I saw amazed me. I would have missed it entirely if I stayed inside reading my gardening books in the cozy chair.

It is an icicle starburst, tiny icicles hanging on all the branches.

This time of year is like taking a long hike in the mountains. Ahead is a high place on the trail and you are sure that from there, you will see the end of the path. But, you get to that spot and beyond lie several more peaks. You know there is still a long way to go. One step at a time. Keep moving. Keep looking forward to the day when it really will be spring. But don't miss today and  pay attention to the tiny details of beauty in every step along the way.

 The message those icicles shouted at me: Don't miss what you have today, wishing you had something else.


  1. Really pretty photographs! This speaks so much to me - - several times lately I think I've turned a corner for the positive, then comes the snow, a dead end, an answer I didn't expect. Appreciating this day, this one day, is the way. Thanks for beautifully illustrating that.

    1. I'm the same way - I want to see progress, to know I'm actually getting somewhere. Then there are the setbacks. This incredible scene really spoke to me of how much I miss while I busily bluster along. Stop and smell the roses isn't just a trite, meaningless saying (although I'd be glad for some roses right now! :)