Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ordinary Everyday Moments

"I think I learned the most about the value of the ordinary from interviewing men and women who have experienced tremendous loss such as the loss of a child, violence, genocide and trauma. The memories that they held most sacred were the ordinary, everyday moments. It was clear that their most precious memories were forged from a collection of ordinary moments, and their hope for others is that they would stop long enough to be grateful for those moments and the joy they bring."
"Acknowledging that these moments are really what life is about has changed my outlook on work, family, and success."

                                                                                 -Brene Brown
                                                                                   The Gifts of Imperfection

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  1. Great quote from Brene. And so true. I am discovering when our God steps into our ordinary moments, He makes something extraordinary about them.

  2. Really neat... Photo and words. Great charing. Makes me rejoice and grin and smile big time.

    Thank you, Maureen.

  3. Isn't Brene Brown amazing? That's such a powerful truth. Thanks for linking it to Still Saturday last weekend, Maureen.