Friday, July 12, 2013

Changing, Growing

My garden has undergone a big transformation the last two weeks. I pulled out the peas, kale and nasturtiums, their riddled lacework leaves from the beetle invasion were not pretty. The lettuce is mostly gone, going to seed. Guess we didn't eat it fast enough or I planted too much or it is too hot for it now.

Brite Lites chard - yellow, red and lime green stalks

Beet greens in the garden

Beets for dinner

Cherry tomatoes in a pot with marigolds

             The nursery man told us that red has been scientifically proven to encourage plant growth by 15%. I wanted to buy another turquoise tomato cage, but went with his recommendation and bought the red one instead. So far, I am not overly impressed. Have you ever heard of that?
Beefsteak tomatoes

Bush Beans
Strawberry pot overrun with flowers. I didn't plant the petunias - they are volunteers - sweet!

Newly planted: zucchini, summer squash, corn, mini peppers, mini pumpkins and zinnias. The minis are seeds from grocery store plants last year, and with all the genetic and hybrid modifications they may not produce. But it is worth a try. It is also a little late in the year to be planting seeds, but they should have enough time to grow before frost.

 For me, a big part of gardening is the adventure of trying. It is one area in my life I can push boundary envelopes without troublesome consequences. So I test my boundaries and see just how far they can go.
Mexican Primrose 

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