Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Worth the Risk

Two weeks ago, before our ten day trip, I wrote about the risks of planting my little seedlings outside when there was still a chance of snow and frost. The morning we drove away, dressed in shorts and sandals for our desert destination, it was twenty-seven degrees. I hoped my little plants would stay snug and alive under their fabric cover, blanket of straw and spring sunshine.

The results? Beyond my expectations and well worth the risk.

The lettuces, chard, beets and kale (and the weeds!) grew several inches. The nasturtiums are smaller, but still alive.

This week, I will plant more seeds in the garden soil. We should be past any chance of frost now - but this is Colorado, and an odd year of weather. I bought seed for rainbow chard - look forward to watching those colorful plants grow.

The biggest challenge for me in taking risks is fear. What will happen if I fail? Will I look like a fool? To focus instead on what I can learn, even in failure, to see creative options and opportunities for faith, to step outside of the familiar - those risks are worth taking.

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