Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Seedlings and Hope

Traveling Light, for me, is about carrying today with an open hand.

Planting seeds for tomorrow, yes, part of today's work.

Look forward to tomorrow.

Live today. With a light footstep, walking lightly.

Which means I have to speak gently with the son who pushed all my buttons this morning and our words got all tangled and messy.

Which means I want to take today slowly, one limping, faltering step at a time.

Which means I plant seeds and water and keep the florescent light close over them, even if the chill of snow is predicted to fall tonight.

And I attempt to step quietly through the day, my hand open to today's work and tomorrow's hope.
Seedlings in the basement


  1. I like this because it reminds me that even if the morning got started wrong with "words...tangled and messy", that the day is not lost. Just step forward slowly, lightly. Great post. Thanks, Maureen. And hope your snow lets up soon :)

    1. That was the message to myself, too. Plant the seeds - even if we make mistakes, keep planting good seeds, keep the hope.