Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Sunny Choice

"I have just come out of a gloomy room into a sunny room to write these words. I had my choice. I could have stayed in the sombre room, but I choose to come into the sunlit room and the warm, cheering beams are even now falling on my page. 'Walk in the light!' And I make my choice, and how often I choose to walk without Christ in the unfertilizing and unfruitful gloom of self-will! In the light of the Lord I could have a garden of Eden; how often I choose the dingy wilderness where I can grow neither flowers nor fruits...The way of light is the way of delight, and 'the joy of the Lord is our strength.'"

My Daily Meditation
-John Henry Jowett

joining the quiet Sunday community


  1. Love the picture of you dog in the light!

  2. Love the quote and the pictures are perfection :)

  3. One of my favorite words in the Bible is "light"... I circle it everywhere [also glory and wisdom]. It is a real heart builder to focus on light instead of darkness. And the reminder that not all darkness destroys light, but all light "destroys" darkness with its tiniest bit to enter. Need to remember that constantly in our present day phase of life in the world. Thanks much.

    1. I am learning that my theme of traveling lighter has a lot to do with "light," and understanding, as you said, how much light has to do with dispelling discouragement - having a "light" heart, and many other applications. Very glad to have you along for the journey!